Events Pricing

Single Listing Pricing Plans
Basic Event Listing ($10.00)

Includes Title, Description, Date and Times, and Location. Instantly Posted On Five Event Sites $10.00

Featured Listing ($49.95)

Includes Event Title, Description, Contact Info and Suitability for Children, Event Dates and Times, Event Location/Venue, Premium Positioning, Website Link, Video and Included In Our Monthly Newsletter. Also, Includes Your Event Or Festival Featured and Instantly Posted To Our Other High Traffic Festival Sites. $49.95

The Ultimate Event and Festival Advertising Promotion ($99.00)

Your Events Featured Listings on 5 Event Websites. Rotating Header Ad on Home Page of 5 Event and Festivals Websites Linked to your listings. You’re Event Featured on our Facebook pages and blogs. Regular Tweets about your event. Feature Listings highlight on our monthly newsletter. Your events PR published on our articles website. Your event on Instagram. 




Subscription Pricing Plans
Unlimited Listings on our Multi - Site Featured Network for 2 Years ($199.99)

Your listings on our network of sites. With premium positioning, 10 photos, link, video clip & coupon. Included in monthly newsletter, Twitter, Linkedin & Facebook Pages. Instantly place your event details on our event listing sites and boost your event attendance.

Venue Pricing Plans
Featured Venue ($49.95)
Listing Features Venue, Description, Contact Info, Location/Venue, Photos(10), Coupons(add on), Video(add on), Featured Listings, Unlimited Categories and Sub-Categories, Upload Photos (10), Photos Automatically Resized, Photo Thumbnails Automatically Created, More Listings from This Advertiser, Ad View Counter
Venue Listing ($10.00)
Basic Venue Information