Harry James Orchestra

Pinecrest Gardens
11000 Red Road Pinecrest
Miami, FL 33156
United States

Pricing/Ticket Info
$45 - $50
Suitable for Children

Event Dates and Times
Big Band Salute to the Music that Won World War II.
Harry James is long since gone, but his music lives on and thrives. Now directed by its former lead trumpet, the enormously talented and irrepressible Fred Radke, the James band is still packing them into concert halls around the globe. Perhaps the most important musical influence in Fred's early career was that of legendary jazz trumpet player Harry James, himself. In what can only be described as a dream come true for Fred, he joined the Harry James Orchestra as lead trumpet player and toured with his mentor. Fred cherished his time with Harry and considered it a great compliment when other musicians, including Harry himself, would remark as to the similarity of Fred's sound and musical style to that of his mentor.